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Adapted from the film Welcome to Shelbyville
directed and produced by Kim A. Snyder

Featured Recipe: A Family Favorite at Miss Beverly&#39s

We recently caught up with Miss Beverly from the cast of Welcome to Shelbyville. She told us that every Easter, she and her family gather to celebrate one another, togetherness and survival. “You had to make it one way or another,“ she observed, “so we give thanks for the folks who made the food, the farmers, and – of course – God. Despite so many hardships, we are here together and we survived. So we pray together as a family… and my family is rather diverse.”

Beverly’s family is truly a vibrant representation of life in America today. Beverly’s sister-in-law is Mexican. She has an Arab grandson, a Puerto Rican granddaughter and white grandchildren. Her step-brother is Chinese and his wife is Mexican. One cousin has a Puerto Rican grandfather, an African American mother and a Chinese father. According to Beverly, “Every Easter we do a baked ham, two roasted chickens, corn on cob (tons of it!) turnip greens and pinto beans, macaroni and cheese (of course), biscuits and sliced onions and tomatoes. Oh, and a good ole batch of fresh tea. That’s how we like to do it.” But the centerpiece of the meal, Beverly emphasized, is something her family has been preparing for generations: ‘Po Man’s Steak’.

“If you got some canned salmon in the house, you got a meal! And everyone loves it.” The dish is particularly powerful for the family because it was the last meal her father’s mother prepared before she died. “So we come together and we pray together as a family… and don’t even tell me if there is some Po Man’s Steak still left over in the morning. That’s a good morning.”

Beverly’s ‘Po Man’s Steak’ Recipe

Double “Q” Wild Alaska Pink Salmon, 3 cans
3 eggs
3 cups of saltine crackers
1 whole onion
6 tablespoons of flour
3 tablespoons of corn meal
½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper (to taste)

Step 1 – Dice the onion
Step 2 – Crumble the crackers
Step 3 – Drain the salmon and take out the bones
Step 4 – Mix all ingredients (except the olive oil) together in a bowl
Step 5 – Pat out the mixture into little palm sized patties (make sure it holds together)
Step 6 – Heat the frying pan with olive oil until it is sizzling
Step 7 – Cook for 5 minutes on either side or until the crust is slightly browned.
Step 8 – Set the patties on a paper towel to drain the oil out a bit
Step 9 – Enjoy!

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