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Adapted from the film Welcome to Shelbyville
directed and produced by Kim A. Snyder

Ms. Luci Continues to Serve her Community

Ms. Luci continues to be inspired by her work in the community and collaborating with the others from the cast of Welcome to Shelbyville. Ms. Beverly, for example, is now volunteering and helping her out at the office. “She is like me in that she wants to get the job done and then go on to the next project,” she said about her.


Ms. Luci watched the May 24 PBS broadcast at her home and was joined by their Catholic Priest, who was amazed by what she has been doing. For example, Ms. Luci cares about supporting projects that build community in productive ways and an upcoming workshop that a local congregation is putting together about Islam during the month of Lent is just that. She plans to film the event and hopes it will help residents get more familiar with the religion.

“I think Kim Snyder did a great job on that documentary… a lot of great people have come into our lives because of it.”

Reflecting on the new Shelbyville Multimedia website, she explained how excited she is about how things have turned out. “I didn’t realize this film would have an impact like this. I really feel that it’s happening nationwide, what we’re doing here in Shelbyville – and that’s a good thing.” Ms. Luci and others in town who are working hard to create a more welcoming community do not get any funding for the work that they do, but that doesn’t stop her. “It’s the people who are willing to go out there and do the work that really matter.”

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