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Adapted from the film Welcome to Shelbyville
directed and produced by Kim A. Snyder

Ms. Beverly Volunteers to Support Families in Shelbyville

Recently, Miss Beverly wrote on Shelbyville Multimedia’s Facebook wall: “Sade sung about a Somalian woman many years ago. It is in my spirit, I could have been a Somalian woman… please make a difference in someone’s life.” And despite her personal challenges, Miss Beverly is staying true to her message. While she continues to look for work, she has been putting in volunteer hours with Miss Luci to help support families in the community that are dealing with addiction. “I just want to make a difference,” she explained, “and strengthen my community wherever there’s a need.”

When asked about her involvement in Welcome to Shelbyville, Miss Beverly explained: “In a small town you get whopped when people don’t understand what is going on. I believe my steps were ordered when I met Kim [Snyder, producer and director of Welcome to Shelbyville].”

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