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Adapted from the film Welcome to Shelbyville
directed and produced by Kim A. Snyder

Shelbyville Multimedia

Shelbyville Multimedia introduces you to the cast of Welcome to Shelbyville, a handful of straight-talking people in rural Tennessee who are taking immigration into their own hands – by welcoming newcomers.

Developed by Active Voice, Shelbyville Multimedia is a platform to promote community-building and harmony between native-born Americans, immigrants and refugees nationwide.

Inviting people around the country get to know each other, embrace our differences and roll up our sleeves to build stronger communities, it includes the following components:

  • Full-length and hour-long versions of the independent film Welcome to Shelbyville that can be screened in policy, faith-based and community settings.
  • Resource materials including a discussion guide and an event planning toolkit, both which allow viewers to delve deeper into the themes raised in the film.
  • Shorter video “modules” that use compelling storylines as training tools for service providers and community leaders.
  • Webisodes that feature new footage and reveal the complex dimensions of the residents of Shelbyville.
  • Social media tools, including this interactive website and a Facebook page, to inspire broader community-building among people nation- and worldwide.

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